About Us


From the very beginning, ST – CS has been using advanced technology for the production of pipes from polymeric materials. We actively monitor the construction market and the development of modern technologies and coherently use the latest approaches in production, sales and business cooperation.

ST – CS was the first in this part of Europe to start producing double – layer corrugated pipes, which we named STIGMAFLEX®. With this step, we opened new possibilities for the use of pipe systems made of polymeric materials, whose light-wall construction, due to their lower weight, enables greater material savings, easier transport and manipulation, and at the same time represents a significantly lower burden on the environment.

ST – CS was also the first company in Slovenia to start the production of PVC sewer pipes with foamed core on the basis of new technology. The use of this type of technology enables savings in pipe weight, easier manipulation and lower environmental impact, while such pipes meet exactly the same requirements as full-wall pipes.

Due to the innovative technology of production of double-layer corrugated pipes and the recognition of our products on the market, in 2018 we again protected our brand STIGMAFLEX® at the Patent Office of the Republic of Slovenia. In this way, we have achieved