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Quality sewerage installation is the foundation of every construction, so we strive for accurate and thoughtful production of quality and durable pipe systems. We enriched our production activity with trade activity and professional consulting.

English Timeline


30 years of existence

In 2020, the company Stigma – cevni sistemi d.o.o. celebrates its 30th anniversary. On this occasion, we updated the graphic image of the company, and we also registered a new, abbreviated name of the company, which now reads ST – CS d.o.o.


Team expansion

Less than a decade ago, the owner and founder of the company was joined by the younger generation, with whom they are planning future business vision and development.


Commencement of cooperation with company Alpro d.o.o.

The year 1999 was also a turning point for the company due to the strategic decision of the management to merge with the trading company Alpro d.o.o., which is one of the largest companies specialized in the sale of pipe systems in Slovenia. This move enabled the possibility of quality and wide marketing, which in turn helped to focus on the quality of our products and further development of the production process.

Mengeš warehouse premises

In 1999, the rapid growth of the company and the expansion of the company’s production program required a larger storage space, which we arranged in Mengeš. Additional storage allows for larger quantities of stored goods, as our products take up a large volume of space. In this way, we have enabled greater stocks, as we want to ensure the constant availability of our products to our customers.


PVC UK sewage pipes

Launch of the PVC UK sewage pipe production program


Expansion into new production facility

Due to the rapid growth of the company, which followed the requirements of the market and actively monitored technological progress, the production facilities in Domžale became too small. In 1997, the company moved to Industrial zone in Trzin, thus gaining the necessary space and capacities for further development and successful operation.



Launch of the STIGMAFLEX® pipe production program


Company establishment

Our tradition dates back to 1990, when the company Stigma – cevni sistemi d.o.o. was founded in Domžale by Mr. Milan Gorenc, who previously performed an independent craft activity.