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Dobrodošli pri vodilnem
 proizvajalcu plastičnih cevi

Dobrodošli pri vodilnem proizvajalcu plastičnih cevi v Sloveniji za ulično kanalizacijo, kabelsko kanalizacijo in drenažo. Naša ekipa usposobljenih strokovnjakov vam bo z veseljem svetovala na področju vgradnje cevnih sistemov.

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PVC pipes for street sewerage STIGMA UK

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) pipes and fittings for street sewerage are the basic building blocks of pipe systems laid in the ground and operating mostly in gravity conditions (with a free surface).

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PE-HD pipes for street sewerage STIKAN

Sewage pipelines of modern age have to perform a more difficult task than ever before. Every year, the amounts of wastewater are getting bigger, at the same time the concentrations of aggressive and harmful media contained in sewage are also getting higher.

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PE-HD drainage pipes STIDREN

The STIDREN piping system is the ideal solution for draining large amounts of excess water from large areas. It is used to collect, channel and transport excess water of various origins, from rainwater, groundwater and underground waterflows.

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PVC pipes for cable sewerage STIGMA EZ

In a rapidly developing world and increasing densely populated areas, where additional needs for the development and expansion of communication links and power lines grow day by day, it is necessary to look for solutions that more easily and permanently solve the problems of extraordinary expansion of information and electricity infrastructure.

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PE-HD pipes for cable protection STIGMAFLEX®

The STIGMAFLEX® TK and STIGMAFLEX® EL piping systems offer the ideal solution to the fast-growing problems posed by the extraordinary expansion of the need for communication connections and power lines.

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PE-HD pipes for protection of optical and RTV conductors STIGMA OPTIKA

PE-HD pipes for protection of optical and RTV conductors STIGMA OPTIKA
Fullwalled PE pipes of small diameter are used for pulling existing or new cable sewers into the pipes, or for laying them directly into the ground. They are intended primarily for the insertion of fiber-optic telecommunication cables, for coaxial and optical cables of the RTV cable distribution system (KRS) and other functional networks.

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