Full wall PE pipes for protection of optical and RTV conductors

Full wall PE pipes for protection of optical and RTV conductors

Full wall PE pipes of small diameter are used for pulling existing or new cable sewers into the pipes, or for laying them directly into the ground. They are intended primarily for the insertion of fiber-optic telecommunication cables, for coaxial and optical cables of the RTV cable distribution system (KRS), and other functional networks. We also use them to pull in classic telecommunication cables of smaller dimensions. Due to the expansion of needs, especially in the field of telecommunications and cable television, it is necessary to find a solution for the rational replacement of existing obsolete conductors with newer ones. The practice of recent years has shown that data transmission capacity has increased faster than expected. As a result, there have been large investment costs to replace existing lines with new more powerful conductors.

Because the cost of laying protective pipes is low compared to the costs of excavation, replacement, and laying new conductors, it makes sense to consider laying additional empty protective pipes before the construction of roads and larger urban settlements.

Full wall PE protection pipes allow later easy and quick installation of conductors. Due to their thick wall, they do not deform.

The inner surface of a full-walled PE pipe is smooth or finely grooved along its entire length. This makes it easier for the conductor to slide in the pipe, as the conductor does not twist in the pipe.

Full-wall PE pipes are used in the construction of residential settlements or industrial facilities, roads, and other traffic routes. They offer excellent protection against mechanical and other harmful environmental influences and are suitable for a wide variety of cables, such as:

  • telephone cables
  • cables for the television cable network
  • optical cables.


  • STS-06/051

  • SIST EN 61386