PE-HD pipes for cable protection STIGMAFLEX®

Pipes for protection of telecommunication and electric power cables

The STIGMAFLEX® TK and STIGMAFLEX® EL piping systems offer the ideal solution to the fast-growing problems posed by the extraordinary expansion of the need for communication connections and power lines. Experience in recent years shows that the current communication networks will become obsolete in a few years and that the capacity of communication lines laid along road connections will be exceeded several times over a period of thirty years, which represents the service life of the road. Since the price of protective pipes is low compared to the total cost of laying cables, it makes sense to consider laying additional empty protective pipes during road construction or initial excavation. STIGMAFLEX® TK and STIGMAFLEX® EL pipes enable easy and quick cable installation later. Due to the large circumferential stiffness, they are only slightly deformed, and the pipes can be laid individually or in batches in several layers.

STIGMAFLEX® TK-K and STIGMAFLEX® EL-K pipes with diameters from 110 mm to 200 mm are produced in bars of standard length 6 m. In addition, pipes with diameters from 40 mm to 200 mm, are also produced in coils (standard length 50 m). That represents an additional advantage as it is simplified to change direction and avoid objects appearing on the pipeline route. Subsequently, that means cheaper and faster pipe installation and easier pipe connection.

STIGMAFLEX® pipes are used in the construction of roads, tunnels, railways and other traffic, residential or industrial facilities. They offer excellent protection against mechanical and other harmful environmental influences and are suitable for a wide variety of cables, such as:

  • telephone cables
  • cables for the television cable network
  • optical cables
  • high and low voltage power cables
  • cables for road, rail, and other traffic signals.