Pipe Connection

Pipes and various connecting pieces are joined quickly and easily by inserting pipes into the clamp of the connecting piece. The joining technology enables minimal consumption of time and effort and ensures that the joints of pipes and joints of connecting pieces do not allow the intrusion of sand and other soil particles. In case when water tightness is required, a rubber sealing ring must be inserted into the groove between the second and third rib from the end of the pipe.

Prior to joining pipes and fittings, the contact surfaces must be clean and undamaged.

If the required pipe length is shorter than the standard one, cut the pipe straight (with a knife or a fine-toothed saw). The plug end is pushed into the clamp to the limit. If the joints are made with sealing rings, the seal and the clamp must be lubricated with a suitable anti-friction agent (grease for rubber seals, silicone oil, soap), which must not damage the seal or pipe.

Due to connection with couplings, there is very little waste of pipes, as practically all lengths are usable.