Transport and Storage

STIGMAFLEX® PE-HD pipes, due to their high resistance to wear and impact and low weight, enable easy transport and storage procedures and practically do not require special protective measures. The pipes are still sufficiently tough and impact-resistant even at low temperatures (below 0 ° C). Nevertheless, reasonable handling is required. Special attention should be paid to sharp objects and edges that can permanently damage the pipe. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the means of transport and storage areas with sharp objects and protect the sharp edges.

The pipes should be folded along their entire length and should be protected against slipping. The loading height should not exceed one meter. In the case of palletized pipes and multi-storey storage, it is necessary to ensure that the wooden frames of one pallet rest on the wooden frames of the pallet below it (wood on wood).

When loading or unloading, the pipe must not be pulled over sharp edges or on the ground. We recommend the use of suitable tools, such as lifting straps.

STIGMAFLEX® TK-K and STIGMAFLEX® EL-K pipes are supplied wound in coils with the following dimensions:

= Nominal diameter DN (mm)Pipe length in coil (m) Outer diameter of coil (cm) = Inner diameter of coil (cm) Coil width (cm)

STIGMAFLEX® pipes in the form of bars are packed in pallets with wooden frames as follows:

The material from which the pipes are made is UV stabilized and thus quite resistant to ultraviolet rays and other weather conditions. However, we recommend that you store the pipes unprotected from the weather for a maximum of one year. In case of prolonged storage, the pipes must be protected from the sunbeams.

To mark the purpose of the pipe, we use colored marking lines that are on the perimeter of the pipe. The marking lines are made by the coextrusion process, so the marking remains permanent.