PVC pipes for street sewerage STIGMA UK

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) pipes and fittings for street sewerage are the basic building blocks of pipe systems laid in the ground and operating mostly in gravity conditions (with a free surface). These pipe systems have been used successfully for many years, and fully meet the requirements for reliable collection and discharge of meteoric water, domestic and fecal effluents and industrial (aggressive) effluents.

PVC pipe systems have a number of advantages over pipelines made of traditional materials (such as concrete, reinforced concrete, polyester, ductile cast iron), among which the most important are:

  • extraordinary corrosion resistance
  • ideally smooth inner surface, which allows excellent hydraulic properties, very good sewage removal and a significant reduction in sediment formation
  • low weight, which allows easier transport and easier installation
  • extremely wide range of various connecting, distributing and reducing pieces, which enable the fulfillment of practically all requirements in the implementation of sewer pipe systems, which are laid in the ground
  • quick and easy installation of pipe systems
  • achieving complete tightness of the pipeline, which is absolutely necessary in times of serious environmental protection
  • high durability of pipelines and minimal maintenance costs
  • easy possibility of using PVC pipes and elements for the rehabilitation of existing sewage pipelines.

PVC pipes are manufactured according to two different standards:


STIGMA PVC UK-COMPACT PIPES are manufactured according to the EN 1401-1 standard, which means that they have a full or compact wall.


STIGMA PVC UK-EXPANDED PIPES are made according to the EN 13476-1 standard, which means that the core is made of foamed PVC-U material and has additional advantages:

  • they put less strain on the environment
  • lower pipe mass
  • higher material efficiency