PVC pipes for street sewerage STIGMA UK



The color of the Stigma PVC UK pipe is brown. (RAL 8023)

Quality Assurance

Pipes are manufactured and tested in accordance with the standard SIST EN 1401-1 and SIST EN 13476-1, which requires continuous inspection of pipes.

Regular testing / own laboratory:

  • dimension control (outside diameter, wall thickness, headboard dimensions)

  • pipe layout control (color, pipe inscription)
    impact resistance

  • circumferential stiffness of the pipe

  • softening point temperature (according to Vicat)

  • tightness of pipe joints and shaped pieces

  • pipe creep module

Periodic testing / external laboratory:

  • toughness of the pipe

  • dimensional stability of the pipe

  • sulphate ash content

  • dichloromethane resistance

  • resistance of the pipe to internal hydrostatic pressure

In parallel with internal testing, PVC pipes for street sewerage are regularly tested at external independent institutions (ZAG – Civil Engineering Institute of Slovenia), as evidenced by the issued test reports.

ST – CS d.o.o. has an established and properly maintained management system that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, which ensures high quality products and services.