Properties of Stidren

Properties of Stidren

  • The pipes are suitable for the toughest operating conditions, as they have a number of excellent properties:
  • extremely low weight, which allows easier transport and easier installation
  • excellent physical properties such as high circumferential stiffness and impact resistance, ensuring increased safety, durability and lower maintenance costs
  • smooth inner surface that reduces friction against the wall and provides excellent flowability
  • optimal automatic cleaning
  • excellent abrasion resistance, which allows a long service life
  • quick and easy installation of pipe systems,
  • practically unlimited temperature range at which pipelines can be laid and serviced (from – 40 ° C up to +80 ° C)
  • excellent chemical resistance to aggressive media and surrounding soil
  • undoubted corrosion resistance
  • environmental friendliness, as the pipes enable more than 30% material and energy savings compared to conventional full-wall pipes, while allowing very simple recycling processes.


  • SIST DIN 4262/1

Quality Assurance

The pipes are manufactured in accordance with STS-06/050 (Form D) and DIN 16961.

STS-06/050 requires continuous pipe inspection:

In the production process:

  • dimensional control (outer diameter, inner diameter, inner wall thickness, wall thickness of the welded inner and outer layer)
  • control the appearance of the pipe (surface appearance, color, inscription on the pipe)

And regular testing:

  • the width of the water inlet
  • common exposed surfaces of water inlet slots
  • peak stiffness of the pipe (shape stability)
  • impact resistance of pipes
  • tightness of STIDREN DK pipe joints and joint pieces.

Control and testing of both input materials and finished products is carried out continuously in our own testing laboratory. We also perform constant control and improvement of the production process, all with the aim of adapting the level of quality to the ever-increasing requirements of technical regulations and the wishes of users.

In parallel with the internal testing, STIDREN drainage pipes made of PE-HD, obtained all necessary consents, as evidenced by the issued test reports.