PVC pipes for cable sewerage STIGMA EZ


Pipes and fittings are made of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U), which is a thoroughly tested material as it has been used successfully for many years in various pipelines. Various additives (lubricants, pigments, stabilizers) are added to the polyvinyl chloride to achieve the desired physical and chemical properties.

Pipes are made of raw material with the following characteristics:

density1,38 - 1,45g/cm³
tensile strength≥ 45N/mm²
softening point temperature (Vicat)≥ 79°C
modulus of elasticity (E)≥ 3600N/mm²
coefficient of linear thermal expansion0,8x10
thermal conductivity coefficient (pri 23°C)0,16W/mK
surface electrical resistance>10¹²Ω
tensile breakdown strength-200kV/cm