PVC pipes for cable sewerage STIGMA EZ

Pipe Connection

Pipes and various shaped pieces are joined quickly and easily by inserting the plug end into the advertisement. The joints of pipes and shaped pieces do not allow the intrusion of sand or earth. In case that water tightness is required, a rubber seal must be inserted into the groove of the head.

Prior to joining pipes and moldings, the contact surfaces must be clean and undamaged.

If the required pipe length is shorter than the standardized one, the pipe is cut straight (with a fine-toothed saw) and the end edge is ground at an angle of ~ 15 °. The chamfered edge is lubricated with a suitable anti-friction agent (rubber sealant grease, silicone oil, soapy water), which must not damage the seal or pipe.

Push the plug end of the pipe into the nozzle of the adjacent pipe or piece with a slight rotation to the limit. The final position on the pipe is marked with a pen, and then the pipe is pulled out by about 2 mm for each running meter between the joints, but not more than 10 mm, which allows to compensate the stretches of the pipe due to temperature changes.