PVC pipes for cable sewerage STIGMA EZ


Properties of Stigma PVC TL / EK pipes

Cevni sistemi iz PVC imajo vrsto dobrih lastnosti, med katerimi velja omeniti:

  • ideally smooth inner surface that allows easy installation of cables,
  • low weight, which allows easier transport and easier installation,
  • extreme corrosion resistance,
  • high insulation capacity and high voltage breakdown strength,
  • quick and easy installation of pipe systems,
  • high durability of pipelines and minimal maintenance costs,
  • easy achievement of pipeline tightness.


  • SIST EN 61386

Quality Assurance

PVC TK pipes for the protection of telecommunication cables are manufactured and tested in accordance with the applicable regulations for the use of telecommunication equipment and materials in the telecommunication network, as defined by Telekom Slovenije.

PVC EL pipes are manufactured in accordance with the applicable regulations and standards currently valid in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia or the European Union according to the standard EN (European Norm).

The pipes are regularly inspected during the production process and tested in our own testing laboratory, in order to adapt the quality level to the ever-increasing requirements of technical regulations and the wishes of users.

In parallel with the internal testing, we obtained approvals from the competent institutions for PVC TK and PVC EL pipes for the protection of telecommunication and electricity cables, as evidenced by the issued test reports.