Pipes and fittings are made of high density polyethylene (PE-HD), which has very good mechanical and chemical properties; is an extremely environmentally friendly material and is practically irreplaceable in the current time of constant search for economical and safe solutions in the field of wastewater pipelines. Pigments are also added to the polyethylene, which enables different coloring of the pipes, and UV stabilizers, which enable greater resistance to weathering and slow down aging. The pipes are made of PE-HD raw material with the following characteristics:

density≥ 0,945g/cm³
melting point index MFI 190/50,4 - 1,3g/10 min
modulus of elasticity (E)≥ 800N/mm²
coefficient of linear thermal expansion1,3 - 2,0x10
thermal conductivity coefficient (pri 23°C)0,35 - 0,40W/mK
surface electrical resistance>10¹³Ω